Potratz Floral Shop & Greenhouses,Erie,PA
1418 Buffalo Rd, Erie, PA 16503
Toll Free: 888-454-1549   Local: 814-453-5501 GreenHouse  
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Our workday world is composed of steel, concrete and glass. Yet amid all the noise and stress that are a part of modern life, you can provide small havens where nature seems to abound – interior landscapes–– a natural and necessary part of the modern work environment. The presence of living plants adds color, texture and interest to any area and can generate a number of subtle, positive associations with your company and can have a significant impact on clients’ perception of your business. In addition, research undertaken by the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) proves that living plants reduce sensory overload from artificial materials, filters contaminants from indoor air, and increase oxygen in lighted rooms and decrease noise. Our plantscape designers will carefully evaluate your environment,